S.E.E.D. Source is a workshop that welcomes past, present, and prospective S.E.E.D. Leaders/Organizers. You are invited to a weekend in which you will have time to meet, bond, and share the mission experiences with others who are passionate about S.E.E.D.

The workshop is held by experienced S.E.E.D. Leaders who will be sharing topics that will help prepare your mind, heart, and spirit as a S.E.E.D. Leader/Organizer.

This workshop should help you understand the spirit of the SEED Leader/Organizer when journeying with the children on retreat, the cooperative mindset of the SEED Leader/Organizer when working with other team members and parents, and the call to service in mission that God has instilled in all of us. In order to enter SEED Source weekend with grace, we would suggest getting in touch with Ignatian Spirituality and your local Dong Hanh CLC community.

Please note that leaders and organizers who are attending SEED Source for the first time are required to schedule a pre-screening with a member of the SEED National Coordinating Team or a member of Dong Hanh Ban Phuc Vu. Further instructions are included below.

You can register for Source using the following link or form. Hope to see you there.

Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/ENiXi7vffPSQRKG22